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Yuko's interest in music began at a young age when she learnt to play the piano. As a young adult she left her classical background behind and began expressing her love of music through dancing. She spent the following years touring extensively within Switzerland with her Show dance group.

In 2012 Yuko was introduced to DJing which quickly grew to be her true passion. From that moment on her dancing was a thing of the past. Nothing was exciting for her than making music. Her DJ career quickly became established, initial bookings throughout Switzerland quickly led to international performances in Poland, Morocco, Spain, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany and Austria. 


"At first i was overwhelmed with our success, and felt that i needed to spend every free moment practicing in order to live up to others expectations. There would be nights that i wouldn't leave the studio. I dedicated myself in a way that you only do if you enjoy doing it with your whole heart."

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