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Camea studied music and dance during her youth in a quiet suburb of Seattle, Washington. As a classically and jazz trained piano and clarinet player, she became fascinated with electronic music and began to pursue DJing in 1999. After achieving several residencies in Seattle, Camea decided to relocate to New York City in 2002 to expand her focus on music. She now resides in Brooklyn, NY and runs two minimal techno imprints, Clink Recordings with Grant Aaron (aka Insideout), and Klickhaus with Tim Xavier. These imprints have been very successful and have helped put New York’s thriving minimal community on the map. In addition, she has been spending a lot of time in the studio, releasing EPs and remixes on her labels and others. Her tracks have received play by top artists such as Richie Hawtin, Magda, Matthew Dear, Troy Pierce and Dan Bell, and she has now firmly established herself in the minimal techno community.

As a DJ, Camea`s dark, funky, minimal techno and house sound has steadily secured her bookings in Europe, North America, South America and West Asia. At her gigs she concentrates on bringing new sounds to her audiences while keeping a deep and driving groove that gets dancers moving. At one point or another Camea has found herself playing alongside several of the world's leading techno, minimal and house artists and most recently she has produced a Live PA. This summer she performed her PA solo and with her label partner, Insideout, playing her work live at events like the Decibel Festival in Seattle, Ghostly International’s monthly party in Detroit, and Brooklyn’s infamous underground art festival, BAPLab. She also traveled across North America, Europe and South America to DJ. Additionally, she released her solo EP on Clink titled “Wire Tap”, as well as an EP on Klickhaus with Tim Xavier, titled “the Tim Camea Diet”, and finished several remixes.

Tim and Camea Diet, Camea & Tim Xavier, (Klickhaus 02)
Wire Tap, by Camea (Clink 003)
Nothing Shocking, by Camea and Insideout (Clink 002)
EP 2, the Winners by Camea and Tim Xavier (Limited400)

Palindrome EP by Ambivalent, Camea rmx – Klickhaus 003 (out 2007)
DB Revenge EP by Tony Rohr, Camea rmx – Tora Tora Tora (out 2007)
Inhale EP by Stefny, Camea rmx – Clickncuts (out 2007)
The Early Life EP by Fusiphorm, Camea rmx (Sushitech 4.1)
Registry Check EP by Texture, Camea rmx (Klickhaus 01)
Dark Blend EP, Camea rmx (Clink 01)

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